Violet Starr didn’t waste any time with small talk when she got to the PornDudeCasting couch. “I heard Porn Dude was around, so I wanted to get some of that dick,” she told me in the first moments of the interview, before offering to add to my portfolio. I asked how. “Well, I think it would start with spreading my legs, but usually it starts with sucking dick because I gotta get it all wet and ready for my pussy.” With a naughty grin, she told me, “I’m already wet.”

What is it about these Florida girls that makes them such sluts? “It’s something in the water.” After chatting a bit about Violet’s constant horniness, her taste in dudes and her oral sex preferences, I asked if I could see her tits. She pulled up her orange top and bounced them, explaining, “They go between a C and a D.” Violet feels she’s more famous for her ass, which she was happy to shake for the camera before showing off her feet. “I need to start making more foot fetish videos.”

It was a nice preview of the fun to come, but Violet got a little more naked when I handed her a hula hoop. She’s a natural with that thing, or at least I think so. I was kind of transfixed by that lovely bush, those perfect tits and that amazing, shaking ass. Violet’s more talented at hula-hooping than she is at juggling, at least with tennis balls. She tried to stick one in her mouth immediately, which may have been the extent of her talent with them. “These are not the balls I like to play with,” she said. When I asked what kind of balls she wanted, Violet answered, “Yours!”

That was my cue to join the action. Violet giggled and licked my boner the very moment she saw it. “I can’t help it! Your dick is out!” Check out that head twist technique she’s got, adding some extra oral stimulation to an already incredible experience. Violet gagged herself, and giggled whenever her mouth wasn’t full. “I’ve been waiting so long for you to fill up my holes this whole fucking interview!”

We moved to the couch next, where Violet asked, “Do you like dirty feet?” She said she hasn’t given many footjobs, but I wouldn’t have guessed that from her skill at it. “I like putting your dick between my toes.” She worked my cock up and down with her beautiful toes and soles while we made plans for later. “We can watch a movie and I can just give you footjobs all night.”

I’m definitely up for that. I’m honestly up for whatever Violet has to offer, like the tit wank she gave me next. She got on her knees, wrapped her boobs around my cock and got to work. “Do you like when I jerk you off with my whole body?”

That ain’t the only thing Violet can do with her whole body. Next, she slid onto my cock for a hard cowgirl ride. She was bouncing that perfect ass right away, the cake jiggling as she slammed down on my ding-dong. I smacked it a few times while she moaned louder. Then she flipped around to ride it backwards, feet on the floor so she can go long and deep. “Yeah, baby, let me be your little sex toy!” Violet came a few moments later, practically screaming.

As I got Violet up onto her feet, she asked, “What are you going to do to me, Mr. Porn Dude?” Her next words were a more succinct “Oh my fucking god” as I bent her over and stuck my dick inside her. She begged me to choke her, which only made her more vocal. I rubbed her clit as I fucked her, hoping the neighbors wouldn’t hear all the squealing and call the cops.

We moved back to the couch, Violet getting on her knees for some doggystyle. I got some great shots of that jiggling ass bouncing against me as I hit it, her butthole staring at me the whole time. “Fuck, I’m cumming!”

Violet giggled as I flipped her over onto her back. “You gonna take advantage of me some more?” she asked with a smile, but she swearing and flashing her oh-face as soon as I started banging her. I held her neck for leverage, going hard and deep as she begged me to choke her.

“I want you to cum in my face with that big load,” Violet told me. She got onto her knees with her pretty mouth open, tongue out, and giggled as I blasted her. The freaky girl flashed my cum at the camera and gargled before gulping it down. “It’s so good!”

As wrapped up, Violet gave juggling one more shot, this time including my own balls in the feat. Asked if she had any final words for the fans, she shared a few thoughts, concluding with, “I can’t juggle, but I can suck dick!”



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