Slimthick Vic has only been in the porn business for about a month, but she’s already lost track of how many scenes she’s shot. “You’re getting paid to fuck,” she said, “so it’s fun.” That’s the kind of enthusiasm I like to see in a pornstar, and that ain’t the only obvious thing Slim has going for her. Within minutes of arriving at the PornDudeCasting couch, she was dropping her shorts and showing off her spectacular ass with some twerking. “I think it’s one of my better assets,” she said, and I agree: that cake is going to make her famous.

We chatted about Vic’s pretty eyes, her love of giving head, and the art of talking dirty. I asked her what her best skill was. “Twerking on a dick,” she replied. That ass clearly helps her in all kinds of situations, as it did when I handed Vic a hula hoop. “It won’t go past my butt,” she narrated for the blind folks in the audience, and then took her top off to play with her double-d titties.

The panties came off next as Slimthick Vic explained where she got the name. The slow panty peel revealed a beautifully shaved pussy that was already visibly wet. “I like to stay wet,” she said. “It’s natural.” I had Slim roll a pair of dice next. “Should I be scared?” she asked, not fully understanding until I had her bent over my knee. Between counting out spanks, Vic shook that beautiful booty. “I think it’s gonna be red for a little bit.”

The discussion turned to Vic’s sexual interests, body count, and preferences. “I like playing with girls, too,” she told me. “I prefer dick, though.” That was the perfect opportunity to show her mine. Slim got on her knees to unwrap “the best surprise ever” with a big grin on her face. She grabbed it, wrapped her mouth around it and started working up stringers immediately. “Such a nice cock, PornDude!” she said, adding, “Glurg glurg glurg glurg!”

And then it was time for Vic to show off her self-professed best skill. I sat on the couch, she sat on my dick, and then she started twerking on it. “PornDude, I love your cock!” She worked her pelvis in a circle, grinding on me, and I played her butt cheeks like a pair of bongos. Vic got louder as she bounced, smacking her own ass, and then spun around so I could watch her butt while you watch her boobs.

I didn’t even pull my dick out of her pussy as I got her up into standing doggystyle position. “Fuck me, PornDude,” she begged as our bodies slammed together. I held her arms back as Vic showed her oh face and moaned, titties shaking, and then switched to a neck-based grip.

“Let’s do it!” Vic said when I asked her for a footjob. She giggled as she stroked my boner with her pretty feet. I even got the flexible little slut to suck her toes and my dick at the same time, then she added a hand to the mix for good measure.

I couldn’t resist getting some tight shots of that ass as I started boning Slim doggystyle. She screamed, “Oh fuck!” and then chased my dick, backing that ass up into me, pushing my cock deeper. “Fuck me, PornDude, fuck me!”

She kept up the chorus of “Fuck me” as we moved into missionary, all big smiles as I slammed it in. Her pussy gripped my cock and Vic squealed.

“What’s piledriver?” she asked, innocently, but her pussy was wide open and ready once I helped Vic get flipped upside down. “Just like that, PornDude,” she said as my ding-dong pushed out her little tum-tum. I rubbed her clit, making her squeal, giggle and swear, her legs shaking as she held them over her head. Then I flipped her back over and fingered Slim from behind.

“Choke me again,” she begged as I banged her on her back again, but the hand around her throat wasn’t enough to silence those loud moans. “Fuck me, PornDude!” I smacked her, earning a big smile, and then held her hair as I hammered her twat, shaking her whole body.

I asked where she wanted my load. “So many options,” she giggled. “Do you wanna cum in my pussy?” I held her neck as I pounded until I was ready to pop. “Fuck meeeeeee,” she moaned as I filled her up with PornDude cream. Vic couldn’t resist sticking a finger in for a taste as we wrapped up, showing fans exactly how she wants to be remembered.



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