To say Savannah Bond has dick on her mind would be an understatement. Within minutes of arriving at the PornDudeCasting couch, the Australian-born buxom beauty told me, “I like just having guys cum on my face.” She’d love to take on a whole sports team one day, and with the assets she’s packing, I bet she can make that dream come true. Her natural tits were already a DD before upgrading to her current rack. “They’re pretty big, yeah,” she said with a giggle before standing up to show us her outfit. If you’re an ass fan, be careful not to lose your goddamn mind when she turns around and starts twerking.

After chatting about her time as a stripper, her pornstar award nominations and masturbation routine, I tossed Savannah some tennis balls and asked her to juggle. She wasn’t quite a natural, but she did feel better about it when she pulled those monster jugs out of her top. “I feel more at ease,” she said. Whether you care about circus acts or not, you’ll probably want to watch.

We weren’t done playing with toys yet. Though I didn’t have Savannah’s beloved Hitachi at hand, I asked her to sculpt her perfect dick out of play dough. “I just like it to be a little thick,” she said, pulling out a second jar of the stuff to bulk up her simulated ideal, and then shared a strange story about porn stud cock injections while she worked. Holding up the finished product, she said, “It could be bigger, but…”

The babe was clearly ready to put down the clay and experience the real thing, and so was I. “That’s a nice dick,” she said as soon as she saw it. The next thing I knew, Savannah was bobbing her head, making eye contact and glurging sounds as she got me all lubed up with spit. A true pleaser, she guided me to the couch so we could both get comfortable as she sucked.

“That’s a great surprise,” Savannah said with a sexy smile, “and now do I fuck you?” I love how this girl thinks! She bent over for the camera as she got fully naked, and then climbed onto my dick. I helped myself to some handfuls of ass as she bounced, cheeks jigging. Savannah spun around and rode me backwards, her shaved pussy swallowing my dick while she rubbed her clit and squealed. “I love watching that cock sliding in and out of my pussy like that!”

Savannah helped herself to a taste of her juices coating my sausage, and then I stood her up, bent her over, and grabbed her arms for leverage. “Oh my god, yeah!” She showed her oh-face as I went to town, Savannah’s big boobies shaking. I slapped her juicy ass, grabbed her throat and made her squeal, our bodies smack smack smacking away.

With a pair of melons like Savannah’s carrying around, I’m pretty sure it’s a crime to make a porno and not titty fuck the broad. She got down on her knees and pressed her jugs together as she presented them to me. My dick looked like a lizard that kept poking his head between a couple boulders to kiss a pretty lady. Savannah couldn’t resist putting her mouth on it before she pleaded, “Put it back in my pussy.”

She got on her knees for doggy, but I had to get some closeups of that chocolate chip cookie and those sweet cakes before I dipped inside. “Just like that! Fuck me just like that!” Her pussy gripped me like a sleeve as Savannah sang, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Savannah lay on her side next, butt facing the camera, and screamed “Oh my god, fuck yes!” as I boned her. “It’s so wet,” she moaned. “I can hear you fucking it!”

I rubbed Savannah’s lovely clit before banging her like a missionary. “I love how fucking hard you get.” She licked her fingers and rubbed her clit as I humped, swearing like a goddamn sailor. “Want to drain your cock all over my big tits?” she asked before adding, “I think they need it.” Savannah got on her knees and held up her boobies as I popped my cork all over them. Licking up the mess, I asked her how it tasted. “Delicious,” she said. “Strawberries and cream.”



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