“Honestly,” Penelope Kay told me, soon after we started our chat, “I just love cum. A lot. It’s very rewarding and satisfying.” It was the kind of conversation starter you can’t really move back from. Once we’d established that Penelope was, in her own words, a “happy, horny slut”, the interview could only get freakier.

Take our discussion on Penelope’s childhood taekwondo lessons, for example. Maybe other interviewers would have handled it differently, but I got the babe out of her shorts to show off her kicks and maybe a nice flash of camel toe. Sports Illustrated might use that to segue into a Q&A on martial arts poomsae and patterns, but your old pal ThePornDude took it straight to Penelope’s masturbatory and porn preferences. “I just watch orgies and gangbangs,” she said with a giggle.

Penelope stroked a magic lamp next, but she granted one of our wishes before making her own, unveiling a heart-shaped bush as she revealed her heart’s desires. The tits came out next as Penelope sculpted her ideal cock. It turns out this artistic babe used to take ceramics classes, which she put to work crafting a lifelike ding-dong with detailed veins and a realistic pee hole.

Watching Penelope handle that imitation hard-on, I got the sense she could handle the real thing even better. I had her cover her eyes before the big reveal, but the cock-hungry whore couldn’t contain herself once she saw my boner before her. “Can I play with it?” she asked, though it was more of a rhetorical question–she’d already licked it balls to tip. Penelope flashed pretty smiles and made gorgeous eye contact as she bobbed her head and showed off her two-handed stroke technique. 

The slurping and glurping gave way to moans as I sat down on the couch and Penelope sat down on my cock. She got loud fast, bouncing on my dick and demanding harder ass slaps. Penelope was enjoying herself so much she even kissed my big ol’ head before spinning around to ride me backwards. “I told you this pussy was good!”

Penelope showed off some practiced pornstar moves and refined flexibility as she rode my cock, at one point putting her hands on the floor for some bonus leverage. I’ve got my own sets of tricks, too, as I demonstrated when I got Penelope to her feet. She put her arms behind her back like she was getting arrested, giving me a handle as I pounded her until she went cross-eyed.

She touched her own pussy while I was taking my shirt off, too horny to let any stimulation go to waste. “I love doggy,” Penelope said as she got onto her knees at the edge of the couch. Her eyes and mouth went wide as I impaled her, then she moaned and swore while I drilled her. I fucking love how she wrapped her feet around my legs and pulled her body into mine, my dick deep into her hoo-ha.

Penelope’s a sexy, adorable little babe, and sometimes she makes an ahegao face that’s as hot as anything you’d ever see in hentai. Watch her go cross-eyed and goofy-faced as I fucked her missionary, making noises like a doggy chew toy being ravaged. I smacked her in the face, an apparent on-screen first for Penelope, and she begged for even more action directed at that lovely mug. “I can’t wait to have it all over my face,” she said as she got down onto her knees for the finale.

Smiling, giddy, and splattered with sperm, I asked Penelope what she wanted her fans to remember her for. “How much of a cumslut I am,” she said with a giggle, licking up a mouthful of spunk from her cheek.



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