I really lucked the fuck out this week, guys. The beautiful, illustrious Mackenzie Mace rarely leaves her beloved home of West Palm Beach, Florida, but she made a rare exception for yours truly. “I like it at home,” she said, “but when I found out about this opportunity, I had to come out here and fuck The Porn Dude!”

Our conversation started dirty and stayed that way, meandering from her love of bondage to her critical eye for pornography to her masturbatory routines. The talk about sex toys and orgasms seemed like a good place to ask her to take her shorts off and shake her ass for the camera. When hobbies came up, I heard about her appreciation for all the sun at the nude beach. “Wanna see my tan titties?” she asked, and I think you already know how I answered. The panties came off a few minutes later after Mackenzie made 3 wishes, beginning with, “A ginormous cock under that suit.”

I do my best to make wishes come true, so I let Mackenzie pull off my pants flap to reveal just exactly what was under the suit. “Oh my god, that’s a lot of cock,” she said, big-eyed and smiling. “It looks delicious. Can I put my mouth on it?” The babe wasn’t lying about how much she loves the sloppy toppy, going to town on my cock and balls. She tried to talk with her mouth full, but only glurgs came out. “I can’t believe I’m sucking Porn Dude’s dick!”

She’d also told me she loves riding, and she was more than eager to sit right down on my cock with a moan. I’ve jacked off to this scene a few times already, reliving the way she bounced on my cock, spun around and rode me even harder. While she worked her pelvis, Mackenzie kept singing the chorus to her favorite song, “Oh my god, yes yes yes!” I think that one was by the Beatles.

Mackenzie’s got a lot of fans who love her feet, and I count myself among them. Well, I think you’ll love the footjob scene almost as much as I did. Mackenzie worked both of her pretty pedicured feet up and down my dick, using her soles and her toes.

Then we stood up. I held Mackenzie’s arms back and fucked her from behind. This chick’s a true pornstar, giving the camera fuck-me eyes as I held her hair like a handle and slammed her. “Slip that cock in me,” she said as I helped myself to a handful of tit. I rubbed her clit and made her eyes roll back in her head.

I left the girl alone for like 3 seconds before she started diddling herself on the couch. Mackenzie spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit, moaning and breathing hard. I got some close ups of her twat before giving her a little more standing doggy.

Most of the time, I have to help my visitors get into position for piledriver. Mackenzie knew exactly what the fuck I was talking about right away, flipping that perfect body upside down without even being asked. “Drop it in,” she said. Check out that smile as she watches her stomach bulge every time I push my cock deep inside her. “That’s so fucking cool!”

I captured some great POV shots as I fucked Mackenzie doggystyle at the edge of the couch, that famous butthole staring at me as I nailed her. The babe was really feeling it and started backing her ass up hard when I slowed down. Her pussy gripped my cock like a sleeve, pushing me closer to the edge.

As she got onto her back for missionary, Mackenzie’s cooter had something loud to say. I rubbed her clit and put a finger inside her pussy before giving her the full sausage, getting some tight shots for everyone who loves seeing a world-class twat getting fucked.

I got Mackenzie on her side as I felt the pressure building. As I filled her up with more cock, I asked where she wanted my load. “All over my tan titties,” she said. When I was ready to pop, she got on her knees with a big, beautiful smile. “Drench me in your cum,” she told me, and then moaned when I blasted it on her lovely little rack. “So delicious! Thanks, Porn Dude!” You’re very welcome, Mackenzie.


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