“I’ve never fucked a ginger before,” Avery Black told me as our interview began, her smile big and eyes already bright with lust. That made me feel a little special, but I guess the sexual enthusiasm is just a part of the Asian knockout’s normal personality. “I want everyone to want to fuck me,” she said. “I need the validation. Why else am I in porn?”

I’m as happy to give her that validation as I bet you are, but first I wanted to play a game. Avery told me she likes to be bullied, so I had her roll a pair of dice. After counting out eight spanks, giggling and squealing between blows, she said, “My butt’s only a little red.” Avery dropped the shorts and twerked to show off that redness and give us a flash of the goods. “Sometimes I do just want to ride a dick the size of my arm,” Avery told me as our conversation shifted to her tight pussy and penile preferences. This somehow led to a chat about her big appetite, and how she only leaves the house “to fuck and to eat.” I took her out for a quick bite, but it turned out the burger wasn’t quite enough for the horngry girl.

When I said I had something for her, Avery asked, “Does it involve food again?” A few moments later, she was bobbing her head on my sausage. Avery didn’t use her teeth, didn’t swallow any meat and got the whole dish all slopped up with spit as she took it in and out of her mouth—does that count as playing with her food?

She licked her fingers to help lube herself up, remarking, “I’ve got a fat pussy” as she slid onto my cock for a cowgirl ride. Avery worked up a rich and creamy vaginal lather as she bounced and stared into my eyes. “I’m super romantic,” she said before spinning around to ride me backwards. “Ten out of ten, would recommend!”

I got Avery up for some standing doggystyle, holding her arms first before switching to a throat-based grip. She looked up at me with her oh-face showing, singing “Yes yes yes yes” as I slammed that tight little body. We were both breathing hard by the time I stopped to take my shirt off, and then I got some animal noises out of the girl as I rubbed her increasingly wet pussy.

Check out that perfect position Avery gets into when I wanted some doggystyle: on her hands and knees, back arched with that perfect ass up in the air. I got some great POV shots as I started banging, her beautiful butt smacking against my body. Her twat gripped my cock like a sleeve as I slid in and out of her body.

I asked Avery if she’d ever done piledriver, but it took her a minute to remember what I was even talking about. “If you do it to me, I’ll remember,” she said. “You just fucked my brains out so I lost a few brain cells just now.” She flipped upside down with a laugh as soon as it came back to her, and then she giggled and moaned while I drilled that tight little cunt. Avery’s pussy even had some things to say about it!

When I got her onto her back for some missionary, I asked Avery if she needed a pillow. “I need your penis,” she said, pulling a leg up and wrapping her body into a little pretzel so I could get in there deep. “That’s a good dick!” Her smiles only got bigger as I choked her while I smashed that grade-A vagina. “You gonna fucking blow a load all over me?” she asked. “Cum on my fucking face, please!” Avery got onto her knees with her mouth open and tongue out to catch my load. “Your cum tastes good,” she said, spunk running down that lovely mug. “Hats off to the chef!”



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