Armani Black was born in New York but relocated to Florida. When I mentioned that’s where all the best whores live, she had some things to say. “We’re not whores, we’re sluts, but the best kind.” What’s the difference, you might ask? “Whores work for money. Sluts love sex.” She may be a three-month newbie to the industry, but Armani is clearly enjoying herself and living that philosophy.

We chatted a bit about her body count and appreciation for both men and women. “I love myself a good dicking, but an amazing connection with a beautiful woman? Bring it on!” Naturally, this led to Armani sitting on Karen’s face and giving us a sneak peek of her beautiful pussy. “I don’t wear underwear,” she explained.

Like many of my visitors here at PornDudeCasting, Armani is multi-talented. I’d heard she was an artist, and the babe got visibly excited when I presented her with an easel. The only catch was she had to take her big, pierced, 34D tits out while she worked. “I’m not capable of drawing with them, but I can keep them out for you.” As she drew, the conversation went from swinging to porn to cooking to pets, and then back to swinging.

Then she took off her romper to get fully naked. Armani turned around to show us her ass, and then I handed her a hula hoop. “I’m a professional,” she said before demonstrating perfect form in either direction while showing off her T&A.

When she finally revealed her artwork, I was stunned. Armani had drawn a portrait of yours truly, complete with anatomically correct genitals. It seemed like the perfect time to show her the real thing. “You’ve been letting me draw pictures and you’ve been hiding this from me?” The hungry slut bobbed her head on my dick and caressed my balls, slurping, glurping and making eye contact. She said she liked my PornDude socks, so don’t forget to hit the PornDudeShop if you want similar compliments while getting a blowjob from a pornstar.

We moved to the couch next, where Armani hopped onto my cock with an, “Oooooooh!” She bounced and moaned, titties in my face begging for a grope. “PornDude’s got a great cock, that’s for damn sure!” Then she turned around and rode me backwards until her body shook. “You got me all hot and bothered.”

I stayed inside her as I stood her up and kept banging. Armani started squealing right away. “Oh, you are ThePornDude!” I wrapped a hand around her throat as she put hers around my big head, a big-ass smile on her pretty face.

Armani got face down, ass up for some doggy, looking absolutely gorgeous before I even started dicking her. Her pussy gripped my cock and her butthole stared into my eyes as I slid in and out, nice and slow. “You’ve got a great cock,” she said, but her moans had fewer real words as I sped up and went deeper.

Earlier in the interview, Armani had told me she’d never given a footjob before. I busted out the lube, and she giggled as she began rubbing my feet with her soles. “This is how you do it?” Her pedicured toes moved up and down in unison, and it became clear this girl’s just a fucking natural when it comes to pleasing a dude. “Now I can say I’ve given a footjob!”

She’d also mentioned titty fucking during the interview, so what’s a dude like me to do? Hell, even if she hadn’t mentioned it, those jugs themselves seem to call out for some loving. She wrapped them tight around my cock and jerked me off with her whole body. “Yaaay!” she cried. “Wooo!”

Armani got on her back and spread her legs wide up in the air. It was time to do some missionary work. I rubbed her pussy and got some closeups as I dipped inside. “Fuck yeah,” she said before getting really loud. I grabbed her neck and started pounding hard.

I asked Armani where she wanted my load. “On my face! That’s my favorite! You’re gonna give me a nice facial?” Soon enough, she was on her knees catching my cum with that beautiful mug and commenting on how delicious it is. “My name is Armani Black,” she said, face splashed with sperm, “and this is just the beginning.”



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