Aria Valencia just turned 18 back in august, so I have to agree when she giggles and describes her pussy as, “Fresh as it can be!” She’s obviously new to the business, but the ninety-pound Persian teenager has already lost count of how many scenes she’s shot. Aria doesn’t like to waste time, so she lost the shorts and showed us her shaved twat just minutes into the interview.

“Anyway, I’m a little crazy, but in a good way,” she told me. “We love a crazy bitch!” The conversation meandered from the voices in her head to her mom finding out about her job, to her sexual preferences and talents. “Of course I’ve given handjobs,” she bragged. “Fucking millions of them!”

That ain’t the only thing she was up to back in school, because she’d also won a hula hoop contest way back when. I gave her an opportunity to relive those glory days, this time without any pants or panties on. “I still got it,” Aria said, shaking her beautiful ass. “It’s like riding a dick!”

We chatted a little bit more about Aria’s hobbies, which range from reading to hiking to eating cock. “I mean, I can suck dick all day, every day,” she told me. “I just enjoy doing it.” This is actually something we have in common, because I enjoy having mine sucked all day, every day. Aria went wide-eyed when I first revealed my package and was soon licking it, bobbing her head and building up stringers of spit. “I love it,” she said before sucking my balls.

Moving to the couch, Aria climbed onto my shaft with a moan and an “Oh, fuck!” I smacked her ass as she bounced and bragged about her “fresh eighteen-year-old pussy,” getting louder as I got deeper. Aria’s got the perfect little body for spinning on a cock, switching positions without making me pull out.

I even stayed inside the horny little teen as I stood her up, bent her over and kept hitting it from behind. That earned me some screams to go with the smacking rhythm of body against body. Aria squealed and giggled, guiding my hands to her tatas for a squeeze as I fucked her.

“Look how wet I am,” she said, sitting down and giving us a close-up look. Aria licked up some of her own sopping juice and told me how sweet it tasted. “This pussy’s splashin!” I couldn’t resist rubbing those pussy lips myself, which made her tight, sexy body shake.

Aria got onto her hands and knees like a bitch in heat, ass up in the air. Her butthole beckoned, but she wasn’t ready to pop her anal video cherry just yet. In the meantime, I dipped into her tight pussy and made her scream. Aria backed that red-spanked ass up, driving my ding-dong deeper.

She flipped upside down next to experience her first piledriver. I rubbed her pussy, making it talk a little before Aria demanded, “Put it in me!” The next thing you know, my dick was pushing out her stomach while Aria screamed and rubbed her slippery clit. She started squirting, a first for Aria from penetration alone, giggling as everything got wetter.

“Pull me wherever I need to be,” she said as I dragged her to the edge of the couch for some missionary. I held her throat as I humped her deep, Aria making oh faces, moaning and squealing the whole time. “Treat me like your fucking sex toy! Do whatever you want to me!”

And so I did. As any man in my position knows, a pussy like that can only be slammed for so long before a serious and sloppy eruption occurs. I asked Aria if she knew what time it was. “Time to cum all over me, huh?” As she got down on her knees, she made a pitstop to lap some of her own lemonade off the couch before opening wide for some homemade alfredo. Satisfying meal dripping from her smiling face, Aria shared a few final words with the fans and blew a kiss.



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