Early in my conversation with the lovely Aiden Ashley, she told me about her elaborate home dinner plan for the evening. When I suggested I might show up for a bite, she said, “Maybe. We’ll see how good you fuck me before you get that invite.” That sounded like a challenge even before she added, “I usually only cook for myself because I fuck the best.” That’s really saying something for a babe who lost track of her body count somewhere in the 500s. “It’s like an apple,” she told me about her lust for both boys and girls. “I have to have one a day.”

We chatted about Aiden’s hobbies, her pathway to pornstardom, and the kind of wild shit they get up to where she’s from. “I’ve been known to fuck my fair share of girls at parties.” At some point I asked if I could see her perfect little tits, so she took them out and demonstrated how they bounce and jiggle. Aiden claims she can’t twerk, but see how you feel when you watch her try. “I twerk better with a dick in me,” she said. “It’s better because I have something to bounce on.” If you like that kind of foreshadowing, wait until you see her scratch the lotto ticket I gave her.

Aiden sculpted her ideal cock out of playdough, demanding more material to make a bigger slab of fake meat and comparing it to famous porn studs she’s fucked. I asked if she masturbated often. “No. I have sex with people.” Still, when I asked to see her kitty, she started petting it immediately after bringing it out for the camera. “See? It’s so pretty.”

One of Aiden’s prizes on her scratch-off ticket was “Oral Sex for Him”, which she got on her knees to receive. As soon she opened the package, she grabbed my cock and licked from balls to tip while looking right into my eyes. “I just want it in my mouth.” She bobbed her head on it and went deep, poking the back of her throat and gagging up plenty of lube to keep the party going.

Aiden also won a “69” on her ticket, and it seemed like a great time to deliver. If you’ve been waiting to see The Porn Dude eat pussy, here it is! I pick the little babe up, spin her upside down and lick her twat while she moans and slurps. “Fuck. You’re so good at that.” After I put her back down, she stroked my cock while I choked her. “My god, yes!”

I sat down on the couch, and Aiden sat down on my dick. I love the little moans and squeaks that come out of her as she bounces. She put a leg up on the couch for a better angle, sliding up and down along my ding-a-ling. After hopping off for a quick taste of her sauce on my sausage, she asked, “What do you want to do to me now?” Before I could even answer, she hopped back on, backwards this time, and started slamming herself on my dick and rubbing her clit. “You’re gonna make me cum so hard, Porn Dude!”

After a body-quaking orgasm, we got up for some standing doggystyle. I held Aiden’s arms back as I boned her, making her start oh-my-godding immediately. “Oh my god, fuck, I love when you fuck me like that, Porn Dude!” I made her scream and shake again, and she groped her tatas as soon as I let go of her hands.

Aiden was clearly getting blissed out from the fucking, because her voice started sounding like she was on molly. I helped her flip upside down for some piledriver. She rubbed her pussy as I fucked her, squeaking and squealing. Her voice got higher and higher as she got closer to cumming again. “Oh fuck! Oh my god, you’re so fucking incredible!” When I pulled out, Aiden squirted out a little treat for all the lemonade fans out there.

Still upside down, I started rubbing Aiden’s twat. She pushed up into a handstand and begged for it as I worked her over. After she came again, screaming, she stroked my boner with those beautiful pedicured feet.

Happy as fuck, Aiden got on her knees and started slobbing my knob again, stroking as she did her mouth magic. “I fucking want your cum, Porn Dude,” she said. “I would love your cum all over my pretty face.” She jerked and slurped harder and faster in pursuit of this noble goal.

But Aiden still had another prize from the ticket: “The Sexual Position of her Choice”. We humped missionary at the edge of the couch, and I choked her as I pounded. “Oh my god, my pussy is so fucking wet.” When I was ready to pop, Aiden opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I dropped my seed in her, and she cleaned me up with her mouth. Aiden wants you all to remember her pretty pussy, but goddamn, I’m definitely going to remember that spermy smile, too.



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